2 Weeks Post Reopening in NZ And This Is What We've Learnt...

Lisa Nolan on June 02, 2020

Toilet Paper Frenzy, Empty Supermarket Shelves and Increased hits on 'How to' Gardening Videos.

Across the world, we have watched as each country experienced COVID-19 in their own way, only to recognize that human behaviour regardless of locale has the same needs and desires.

As each country goes through their experiences with COVID-19, it's important to reflect on and learn from what is working post lockdown for those that are just a few steps ahead. So here’s what we learnt:

You’ll Need a Strong Communication Plan

Life looks a little different post lockdown! Businesses have to operate in a completely different manner to how they did previously and this means there are a lot of adjustments that business owners, staff members and your customers all have to familiarise with. On top of this, people’s behaviour is very unpredictable from one person to the next ranging from those with a very blasé attitude to those who are super concerned for their health.

So, having a clear and well-thought out communications plan is crucial to speak to your audience and allow them to understand your new way of working. Updated operating hours, changes to your operations, what is expected of your members and payment plan start dates are all factors that need to be communicated in a timely manner to instill confidence in your business!

Leverage Your Leads - It Really Works!

There were several of our partners in New Zealand who maintained their advertising throughout lockdown in order to keep their business front of mind and still provide value to members and prospects during a difficult time.

On top of this, there were a number of our partners that kicked off their advertising one to two weeks before opening to build excitement and generate leads in the run up to reopening. Both strategies worked in tandem with each other and allowed them to hit the ground running and the results paid off. One of our partners acquired 33 new members in just one week!!

Important to remember: make sure to get on top of your leads fast - you don’t want your competitors to get there first.

Find Your Differentiating Factor

This is not business as usual, so your competitors may operate in a way where you don’t have to and there might be reasons why your business might be more suitable for a prospect’s specific needs. For example, lots of boutique fitness studios have smaller class sizes, less class time options with strict booking systems. We made the most of this for one of our partners as they have no class times and members can just show up on their schedule so the differentiating factor was clear and we were easily able to highlight what makes them stand out and get more of their competitor’s customers through the door.

All in all, despite a small number of people who are anxious and hesitant about heading straight back to a gym immediately post lockdown, for the most part people are eager to get back into their fitness and if you are well prepared in your reopening plan, there is huge opportunity to not only bounce back, but also grow your business!

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