Are You Losing Out To Your Competitors Like This Brand Did?

Nina Zhang on June 01, 2020

How you communicate is essential to how you are perceived and where you communicate will determine how your audience will respond. As we come out from under restrictions and whilst people are still rugged up and comfy in sweats at home, remember, they are still more present then ever on social media.

This means, YOU need to be present to be able to reach them NOW

Despite busy schedules setting up your business, it's important to design your communication and engagement strategy to ensure you are reaching the right people, so as not to lose out to your competitors. It’s not good enough to set up a post on Facebook or Instagram to say “HEY GUYS, WE’RE BACK AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO” because as we all know, communication - a conversation goes back and forth.

Here’s a good example of how one Gym lost out to their competitors, our clients (ruthless brag) and let me explain why. (Yes, there may be abit of favouritism, but let’s let the conversation play out for itself)

  • They opened up communication lines as soon as the government made announcements and said - We are busy, we are cleaning and we are preparing so we can open our doors back up to you Fingers Crossed
  • They were personable and created content that was engaging, relevant and relatable to the current climate
  • They were present and responsive to those engaging on the social channels.. Unlike their competitors

Goodlife Conversation

Beyond this, they were social on a social channel.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels have been so deeply entrenched into our daily lives that sometimes, we forget why they started and why people flock to them. They demand different attention and reactions comparative to a more traditional Email, where a sender is likely to expect a response in a day.

Human behaviour has evolved with the use of Social Media and what was once the expectation of a response within 24 hours has now evolved to a response within the hour

So, as you set up to communicate and engage with your current or potential customers, remember it’s a communication strategy. Not just a post to update someone on your business status.

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