Facebook Boosts & GMB for your Re-Opening

Nina Zhang on May 12, 2020

As COVID-19 restrictions for businesses start to lift, there are a few key channels you can use to reach your target audience and build awareness of your reopening. These suggestions aim to educate people of your reopening, as well as emphasise any reopening offers or campaigns you might be running to attract new prospects.

A great place to start in promoting your reopening is through Facebook boost posts. Boosting a post can amplify your reach, grow your audience, drive more engagement and build overall local brand awareness. __By creating and boosting a meaningful piece of content emphasising your reopening date, safety protocols and excitement to welcome back members for instance is a great way to engage and inform your followers.__

You can also refine your targeting on each boost post, which can further help you hone in on delivering your message to your desired audience. For instance, you can refine your boost post to target a younger demographic who live close to your facility.

As your boost post is still considered an ad, it is important to remember that Facebook prefers images and videos with limited text and copyrighted music is not allowed.

The second key strategy to employ is to make a post to your Google My Business (GMB) page, informing potential and previous customers of your reopening offer, or simply your opening date. If you haven’t already seen our previous article on Google My Business, we would recommend giving it a read.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has put emphasis on health and hygiene, an important aspect to include in your GMB post are the steps your business has taken to ensure a cleanly and safe environment for your customers. GMB is a great platform to be promoting this, simply because 97% of search engine users search online to find a local business. Each search for your business will instantly bring up your GMB page, making it vital that you take advantage of this opportunity and promote your reopening campaign, as well as how safe and hygienic your business is.

As our previous GMB article discusses, having regular posts to your page is important under normal circumstances - not just during a pandemic. Regular posts can increase website visits and calls, build brand awareness, and generate more prospects.

The strategies used for both Google My Business and Facebook boost posts should have some overlap. As mentioned, it will be beneficial to include your excitement to reopen, and welcome new and returning customers across both platforms.

Written by: Sage Houston & Nina Zhang

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