Digital is a forever changing, fast moving, constantly evolving space that we’re all fighting to keep up with, but hey, it keeps it interesting right? Today we’ll be updating you on what’s new with Facebook, as well as what you can do to keep up with the Facebook Algorithm to ensure you’re getting the most engagement and reach out of your content!

So, what’s new Zuckerberg? To start, the new release is much closer to the mobile app, with tabs for Marketplace, Groups, Watch & more. Stories have moved to the top, pushing the status bar down along with additional shortcuts tucked in the sidebar. But what does all this mean? The platform is moving towards a more fast-paced interface, allowing users to find exactly what they’re looking for, quicker. Not only is the structure itself built to improve useability and speed, but the updates also come with faster performance.

New Facebook Design

So what do you need to focus on in terms of the algorithm? It’s mainly all the same to be honest! Facebook favours active users that are consistent and are engaging with their followers. So let’s run through some tips that’ll help you out!

1. Start conversations!

Facebook favours engagement, the more interaction and genuine conversations you have on your posts with your followers, the better. Not only does this assist with the algorithmic ranking of your post, it also gives your brand personality! Have fun with your audience and engage with them every chance you get.

2. Post often, and whilst you’re at it, be consistent

Posting regularly and consistently will have a super positive impact on the ranking of both your page and your posts. How do you do that? Content planning. All of our clients use Digital Stack for both content creation and content planning, you can check them out here.

3. Complement your organic strategy with paid advertising

Seeing great engagement on a post you’ve done recently? Allocate some Ad Spend to boost it further to your target audience, you can also use this as a powerful lead nurturing and remarketing piece to assist in moving potential prospects closer to becoming a paying customer. We can help you with this one 👋

4. Find out when your audience is online and post when they’re active

Up at 3am after falling into the dark hole of YouTube and can’t sleep? Thinking now is a good time to get ahead on your content? Probably not the greatest idea unless the majority of your online audience is doing the exact same thing. Review your page insights and find out exactly when your audience is online and tailor your content strategy accordingly!

Hopefully the above reinforces all the important things to keep in mind when it comes to rolling out content on Facebook and engaging with your followers and potential followers.

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