In our traditional vs digital marketing view-piece, we will discuss the differences between Flyer drop & Geo-fencing marketing tactics, both of which are equally important.

Imagine this. It’s 7am in the morning, you have just made your coffee and are making your way to the letterbox to grab your morning mail. But as soon as you open your mailbox, hundreds of business flyers pour out, ranging from the local furniture store where you bought your furniture 7 years ago, down to the barber you never liked, informing you of his monthly specials!

In the early age of advertising, flyer drops were perceived to be the most targetable marketing tactic, where-in a business could print out 100s or 1000s of flyers and distribute them to the nearby households. Essentially, it allowed you to market & sell to your nearby neighbours who were interested in your products. Consumers, at that time, were unaware of this tactic, & took it in good heed by actually reading what that flyer had to say.

But how the times have changed…

As more and more businesses started to adopt this strategy, giving out large quantities of flyers containing their business information, sales, product catalogues, propagandic pieces & more, flyer drops started to become JUNK. No one was safe from this form of guerilla marketing tactic. Businesses would spend thousands of dollars to try and get their flyer drops out before their potential customer wakes up.

In Comes Geo-fencing.

As the times have changed, businesses need to adapt to ensure they are speaking to their target market through a channel that does not portray a preconceived notion of JUNK. Geo-fencing gives the businesses such an option. If you don’t know what geo-fencing is all about, I would suggest you read one of our earlier pieces here.

Geo-fencing tactic has brought in a digital version of flyer drops!

By showing ads on where your consumers are spending most of their time, your brand reach & brand recall will have a significant uplift. You will also experience a much higher increase in lead numbers since your local neighbours can now also interact with your ad! Instead of being perceived as ‘spammy’ or ‘junk’, you can protect your brand by choosing exactly where you want your ads to appear. Whether it be Gumtree, 9News, Footy Live app, MyFitnessPal or even one of those popular gaming apps, you will have full control over your brand perceivability.

Even though this article might be biased towards geo-fencing, there is still a point to be made for Flyer drop marketing. If implemented properly. Flyer drops still to this day are one of the best forms of tangible highly targetable forms of marketing. This means, you need to heavily invest on your artwork and locational data, instead of just printing out 100s of A4 leaflets from your printer downstairs.

FINAL WORD As an increasing amount of people get frustrated by the amount of flyers they receive each day, the effectiveness of this form of marketing is dying. Businesses need to start thinking of other avenues where they can effectively target their local consumers. One such way is Geo-fencing. Through drawing virtual fences around your locality, you can digitally get in front of your consumers without breaking the bank on flyer drop marketing. Times have changed, now is your moment to make sure your business marketing changes with it as well.

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