Geo-fencing, summarised

Geo-fencing works off your location settings on your phone, to trigger particular ads to be displayed. In other words, different ads can be displayed to you, depending on your location, which is tracked from your phone. A specific virtual border is created, in any shape, around a certain location, and when a phone crosses that border, that ad can then be shown. The placements for these ads have a wide range, including Gumtree, The Daily Mail Online, MyFitnessPal and more.

Geo-fencing Summaried

How this can benefit you

While geo-fencing previously could be displayed to people visiting competitors or relevant public spaces, this is no longer the case, as all non-essential businesses have been forced to close, and most people are self isolating or social distancing. However, as mentioned, this presents a unique opportunity for you and your business: through geo-fencing you can target apartments and homes in the direct vicinity of your business. Apartments would account for a highly concentrated volume of potential customers, that are nearby, and in the area. No other platform presents such a distinct targeting method for marketing, which you can take advantage of in your advertising strategy.

Additionally, internet usage has already seen all-time highs, from the Coronavirus. Now more than ever, people are on their phones, on their computers, browsing apps, websites, and social media. This increase in traffic, combined with the ability to target local customers in mass, provides the perfect environment for brand awareness and promotion. Lastly, as it is further possible to target at-home workout apps and sites, you can have your ads displayed to people with an extremely high likelihood in joining your club. These people will be working out at home, but once the pandemic is over, will all be looking to re-join a gym. Geo-fencing can make sure they think of yours.

Key takeaways

To stay above water in a period of such abrupt change, flexibility, proactive behavior, and calmness are key. Furthermore, understanding the shift in what the public is viewing is vital. Traditional advertising and its effectiveness will shift, as people will be spending less time outside. Because of this, take the time to explore and consider different avenues of marketing, and capitalise on the opportunity that geo-fencing is now presenting. Focus on what you can control, rather than what you can’t.

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