5 Reasons Why You Need To Use Google Ads For Your Business

Sage Houston on April 27, 2021

Looking To Advertise On Google? Let Us Convince You

In a completely oversimplified explanation, marketing comes down to where people’s eyeballs are looking; and that’s not in a metaphorical sense.

Google currently has 4 billion active users. That’s a lot of eyeballs, and opportunities each day, to advertise your product or service.

This can further be achieved across a plethora of platforms - Google can display your ads across:

  • Google Search
  • Display
  • YouTube
  • Google Maps
  • Partner sites

That’s a lot of opportunities to connect with your customers, and grow your business. In this blog, we’ll discuss the 5 main reasons why you need to use Google Ads.

And hey, if you’re impatient, they’re conveniently right here:

  • You can utilize user intent
  • Your competitors are using it
  • It can aid in rapid business scaling
  • You can discover more about your market and customers
  • It’s flexible

1. You can utilize user intent

Google Search in particular is an entirely unique platform to advertise on, simply due to the high intent behind every search. Users go to Google for answers.

They’re already looking for something, whether that be the lyrics to Playboi Carti’s mostly indecipherable song lyrics, a particular dress, flight tickets, or why Brad Pitt only has 1 middle tooth.

The intent is strong. They may even be explicitly searching for your business.

Using Google’s free keyword planner, you can view the estimated monthly searches for a particular query - take a look! You may be surprised to find how many people are actively searching for your product or service, per month.

Based on this, you can start planning on how to successfully capture the intent, attention, interest, and time of these users.

Your social media marketing strategy is an entirely different can of worms, but a stark contrast is the fact that users aren’t looking for anything on social media.

They’re simply scrolling through their feed, perhaps being vaguely aware of seeing the 10th influencer that day posting a thirst trap, with an essay of an unrelated caption discussing how we can help with global warming (try not to focus on the second Insta pic being from the inside of their - I’m sure - environmentally friendly G wagon).

Back to the topic at hand: Google Ads lets you take advantage of users' strong intent.

2. Your competitors are using it

This is actually part of Google’s overall strategy for their Ads revenue - make it almost essential for business growth.

In fact, it’s actually fighting a fair amount of antitrust lawsuits, from the DOJ, while further being under scrutiny by the ACCC, for their ads monopoly.

They’re both the buyer and seller of ads, on their own ads exchange, with a limited number of search ad competitors available.

To the benefit of Google, a lot of businesses rely on Google ads for revenue and customers.

From this, companies that effectively run Google Ads campaigns, have the upper hand - such as your competitors.

Level the playing field, by running your own successful campaigns. Emphasis on successful, though.

The ‘barrier to entry’ for Google Ads is extremely low - meaning you don’t need to be Donald Draper, chain smoking cigarettes, while cheating on your wife, to create an ad.

With this low barrier, comes an onslaught of ineffective and unsuccessful campaigns, that simply burn money, without seeing any results.

A truly successful campaign takes a lot of expertise and knowledge to construct. You firstly need to understand what the Google Ads platform wants from you. As it is its own exchange, it makes the rules, which you need to figure out, and play along with. These rules are difficult, sometimes vague, and also constantly changing.

The second factor to fully understand is consumer behavior, and how to be convincing. This is the part where being Donald Draper would come in handy.

3. It can aid in rapid business scaling

Okay so, you have a successful product / service. Congrats! You’re also making profit.

Where do you go from here, though?

You’ll want to grow, and generate more revenue. Which is exactly where Google Ads comes in, and also where a lot of businesses can fail.

You can construct your Google Ads campaign strategy with a focus on Return On Ad Spend. Meaning you set a predefined return (on profit) you would like to make / optimise towards, for every dollar of ad budget spent.

Whatever your goal is, whether that be purchases, bookings, calls, or form fill outs, Google Ads has you covered.

With more revenue generated from ads, you can expand your business, grow profits, and increase your marketing resources.

4. You can discover more about your market and customers

Google Ads is data rich. You can (perhaps in a somewhat dystopian way) view a wide range of information on the users that interact with, click on, and purchase through your ads.

In terms of data mining, and not caring about privacy though, nothing beats the Zuck™.

This information is anonymously grouped together - but for example, you can view your audience's age range, gender, postcode, household income, interests, and hobbies. Just to name a few.

Analysing this data allows you to have a better understanding of who you’re actually engaging with.

Don’t let this become a feedback loop though. Engagement ≠ target audience. Experiment with broadening and narrowing your targeting, along with trying out different audience niches.

5. It’s flexible

Need to pause all ad spend on the turn of a dime? Increase ad spend by 100%? Google Ads is pretty handy with that.

Google Ads doesn’t lock you into any rigid strategy. In fact, it’s encouraged that you don’t stay with any strategy for a long period of time. You should always be making changes, while refining your strategy.

Google Ads: the bottom line

I’ll be honest - for marketing new comers, it’s extremely easy to waste money on Google Ads. There’s a steep learning curve, with so many variables, and boxes to tick. It’s tough.

But for your business, it can be completely essential.

If you’re considering investing in a stronger marketing tactic, that involves Google Ads, make sure you’re in experienced hands.

And hey, the second Google Ads as a service stops delivering results, and business growth, is the second people and businesses will stop using it.

Perhaps in the future, all ads will be delivered straight to our brains via Elon’s Neuralink, paid for in $DOGE at a CPM basis.

For now though, Google Ads is an extremely powerful tool that we’ll be sticking with.

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