While the impacts of lead generation post COVID-19 have already been discussed in our previous article, there’s more than enough room for a discussion around strategies for client nurturing and lead generation after restrictions have been lifted.

It’s an important question that most businesses, and business owners are thinking right now; how will I establish a strong customer base as things return to normal? Consumer behavior is uncertain, which when combined with a global pandemic, makes these questions significantly valid. Today we’ll be breaking that down for you, while presenting some of the best strategies to use in tackling this issue.

Here are our top 3 recommendations for lead generation:

  1. Firstly, as the current zeitgeist of this era has quickly become that of health and hygiene, businesses as well must shift towards this focus. It makes a lot of sense, really; Consumers are afraid of large groups of people, and unclean environments. This provides an opportunity for your business to extinguish this fear, while giving your customers peace of mind.

It’s further vital to promote this, and ensure all potential prospects are aware of the safety measures put in place. These measures can include limiting the amount of people physically in your business, thoroughly cleaning surfaces throughout the day, and providing hand sanitizer to all customers and employees. Once these steps are established, inform your followers and customers about them, through Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, and your website.

You can read more about taking advantage of these channels with reopening in our article here.

  1. Competitor targeting should be a key component of your marketing and promotion strategy. With the current situation, there will be some competitors that have stopped their marketing entirely, however others will be fighting harder than ever before.

This competitor targeting goes hand in hand with our first recommendation, as you can heavily promote your hygienic measures, building trust with an audience that may pick you over a competitor. A few competitor targeting strategies might include: a. Geo fencing competitor locations b. Flyer drops in your local area c. Competitor keyword targeting with Google Ads d. YouTube ad placement on competitor channels

  1. Lastly, remarketing should hold a strong placement within your campaigns. This allows you to collect users that have interacted with your ads in the past (for example liked a post, followed your account, visited your website, clicked on your ad etc.). Once you have a collected audience that is already interested in your brand, you can present remarketing ads specifically to them, resulting in lower cost per clicks, lower cost per conversions, and a much higher click through rate.

Once these strategies are established, it’s just as important to formalise client nurturing strategies for your business. We’ll take you through some of the best tactics now.

  1. Reach out and communicate with ‘freeze or digital’ clients. Many customers have made the decision to either shift to an online version, or simply freeze their membership or use of service. Many of these customers will return instantly once they are allowed, however a few may be on the fence. This can be due to consideration of a competitor, which shows how important lead generation and competitor targeting strategies are when nurturing clients.
  2. Have a strong reopening offer, which is unique, provides value to the consumer, and cuts through generic offers presented by competitors. You want to be front of mind when customers are searching for a post isolation membership or service, and a strong reopening offer will achieve this. It’s important to create hype in the lead up to the opening, maximising your awareness across all social platforms.
  3. Use empathic and understanding language with your customers. Everyone has gone through, and experienced the same problems and hardships, which means customers now more than ever are looking for support, understanding, and a community. Let your customers and followers know that you’re in this together.

*It’s a strange time. Behavior, and how things will pan out are uncertain. However with these recommendations for lead generation and client nurturing, you can stay one step ahead, and have an effective reopening strategy for your business. *

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