Ever-changing. That is the most appropriate word to describe the state that digital marketing is currently in. It is the most volatile and rewarding form of marketing, as when it’s implemented, it has the power to take your business to the next level. Harnessing such power requires meticulous understanding and expertise, which is why several businesses look to digital marketing agencies to provide this service.

Although this industry is ever-changing, the digital marketing strategies have remained consistent in the last few years. In this article, I will discuss how to pick the best digital marketing strategy based on your business’s objective.

First, let’s define some key business objectives in relation to the consumer journey:

  1. Increase in Brand Awareness - get consumer recognition of your products or services
  2. Increase in Brand Engagement - A consumer is aware of your brand, which puts emphasis on ensuring that the consumer has a high commercial intent in purchasing from you
  3. Increase in Conversions - finally time to make some money! This is where the consumer buys your product or service
  4. Increase in Retention/Referrals - this stage is often forgotten by many businesses, yet is arguably the most important. This is where the consumer becomes a FAN of your products and services

Now using the above consumer journey stages, I will place the key digital marketing strategies in order.

Digital Marketing Funnel

Now every business wants an increase in brand awareness, increase in brand consideration, increase in lead generation and increase in brand loyalty all at once! Digital marketing allows you to do that.

But to have every objective in play requires a significant investment in marketing spend, which most businesses do not have. Hence, it is pivotal for you to map out your short term strategy, and once your return on ad spend is sustainable, you can invest in other stages of the consumer journey.

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