How To Run A Successful Opening Campaign For A New Fitness Franchise

Andy Rankin on May 24, 2021

The difference between a successful first year in business and an unsuccessful one, comes down to your team. You only have one opportunity to open a new business, so surrounding yourself with a team as driven and passionate as yourself is integral.

You’ve found the perfect franchise, you’re an owner operator, or you’ve found someone passionate to run your business, and now it’s time to find a marketing partner who’s done this hundreds of times (there’s a subtle hint in there).

So let’s start with the basics, and if you’d like to know more you can give us a call.

Don’t put people to sleep

Lock down the perfect timeline on when you’ll be opening and stick to it (as best you can). I don’t want to see another gym opening near me that is “Selling out of memberships - only 10 remaining” for 3 months, this creates a lack of urgency and can result in requiring additional spend, which can be a waste of budget.

Have a plan!

What is being done, across what advertising channels, placements, local outreach, B2B and when? Having a plan that details what is being done every day by your marketing agency will help you look at your opening holistically and align what is happening digitally with what is happening on the ground. We all need to be on the same page to ensure a successful opening.

Educate people on your brand and unique selling point

Chances are if you’ve chosen the right franchise, they have a great marketing team that’s helping with this assisting with your opening. Focus on increasing brand awareness, engagement and education before going in with an aggressive lead or purchase strategy. We want to build that hype and engagement at the top of the funnel before we move to the bottom.

Treat enquiries like GOLD

“I’m making sure I call them within the first 48hrs” - can you call them within two instead? The chances are if they enquired with you, they’ve probably also enquired at a few other gyms. You need to get in touch as soon as you can, and regardless of what’s going on, make the time. You only get to do this once!

Get comfortable with being in front of a camera

Your Instagram, Facebook and Google My Business is your digital shopfront. You need to give your potential new members the opportunity to connect with you, and get to know you before you pick up the phone and call them. The more team, community and culture focused content, the better. Show us what makes you different. When a user is doing their research on a new gym or studio, they’re going to look at these digital platforms to find out more, so make sure you or your team are there to introduce themselves when they get there.

This article doesn’t cover everything you need to know to run a successful opening campaign, but hopefully you can take something from the above, and find the right team to help you execute a successful opening. Afterall, it’s probably taken you a while to get here, so let’s do it right.

If you’d like to find out more, reach out via the contact us form and we’d be happy to jump on a call and share some of what we’ve learnt over the years.

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