How To Run An Effective Social Media Competition

Nina Zhang on July 22, 2021

Wondering how you can grow your Instagram and Facebook following?

Competitions are a popular strategy, and can help get your brand out there online, build social engagement and increase your digital following. Read on for our top tips on how to run one effectively.

Capture Your Audience’s Attention

Be clear on what you are giving away and ensure it is something desirable! Make sure the creative you are using shows exactly what prospects are in the running to win. Bold imagery can add excitement and help those of us who are highly visual.

Be Clear On Your Requirements

It’s best to keep the competition requirements simple so people can easily enter. Some suggestions are, follow us and tag two friends to go in the draw. This is low effort for the prospect, and hence increases the likelihood of high entry volume. The more entries, the more engagement and followers!

Check The Social Media Guidelines for Competitions

Be sure to check Facebook and Instagram guidelines for their terms and conditions, and include these in the caption of your post. It is important to understand the terms of running a competition, find out more here. Different states have different rules, and you are required to draw winners in certain ways, depending on how your competition is run.

Keep Up The Engagement

Closely monitor your socials during this time to ensure you are engaging with those entering, and to keep an eye on any spam. You will likely see increased engagement during this time, so it is important you are checking and monitoring the comments.

Consider a Facebook or Instagram Boost Post

To further get your post out there in the community, why not put some paid spend behind it? Boosting a post can amplify your reach, grow your audience, and drive further engagement.

Need some more inspiration? Check out the Mongoose Australia Instagram and Facebook to review the recent win competition we ran for them.

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