Marketing At-Home Workouts: How To Stand Out

Lisa Nolan on March 26, 2020

DETERMINE YOUR OBJECTIVE There are lots of different apps and online services that allow you to provide at-home workouts to your members and followers but first, you must ask yourself what is your primary objective? If you want to focus on brand awareness then social media options such as Facebook and Instagram Live / IGTV are suitable options to reach a wide audience. If you want to focus on nurturing and engaging your current members, providing these workouts exclusively to your members through a Member Facebook Group will be beneficial to make them feel valued. If your objective is to continue to provide a fitness service to current and potentially new members at a cost, then looking at products such as Google Hangouts, Zoom or Calendly will help you provide this service virtually and at ease!

CREATE A FACEBOOK GROUP Now is the perfect time to set up a Facebook Group if you haven’t done so already. This could be exclusively for members or at times like these, it could be very beneficial to open the group to a wider audience. This is a perfect way to provide your at-home workouts to an audience who is highly engaged and interested in your gym. This creates a community of like-minded individuals, sparks conversations about your workouts among members and helps to build better relationships.

LISTEN TO YOUR AUDIENCE It is really important to understand what kind of workouts your audience wants to see. Feedback is key so ask your members or followers what kind of workouts they want to see. There are lots of ways this can be done - on your Member Facebook Group or through comments, Instagram polls or even on a Q&A with your trainers. Why not go that one step further and have a call with some of your most loyal members to see what they want you to focus on. This will make them feel valued and involved while also giving them a sense of community.

MAKE IT ACCESSIBLE Lots of people don’t have access to all the fitness equipment you would normally have in a gym. Provide workouts that you can do with no equipment so that your at-home workouts are accessible to all. Alternatively, if you do want to include some equipment then give your participants some household items that they can use instead, for example two tins instead of weights - but make sure you let them know what is required in advance so they are not scrambling to get prepared at the last minute! Furthermore, some gyms have even gone the extra mile and are leasing the equipment out to their members at a low cost while the gym is closed.

BE INCLUSIVE Create workouts that are inclusive for all ages and manageable for all fitness levels. Provide options for participants to make each exercise that one step harder or that one step easier so that the workout is inclusive to all. It is also important that each exercise is clearly outlined and explained so participants feel at ease, know exactly what they should be doing and what is coming next at every stage. Lastly, with the Easter Holidays fast approaching and some schools already bringing forward the holidays in certain countries, why not do a workout session that encourages households to get their kids involved too!

KEEP IT PROFESSIONAL Professionalism is key when providing workouts online as your members could be watching these videos over and over again! Make sure you think about the space your trainers are filming the video - this should be in a bright, spacious room or outdoor space. Always think - how is this going to portray your brand image? Secondly, ensure the equipment you are using to film is of high quality and that the sound is clear. Lastly, it is important that the trainers being filmed are presented well and in uniform to give that professional feel.

MOST IMPORTANTLY.. HAVE A BIT OF FUN! We all know that this is a challenging time with lots of people feeling anxious and distressed by the uncertainty so it is more important than ever to make sure you can bring a bit of fun and light-hearted entertainment to your participants. Show your personality, set up fun competitions, share your bloopers from your workout videos, ask your members to send in funny videos or photos of them doing your workouts at home or maybe even get one of your members to run a session. Do whatever it is you need to do - just make sure you have some fun too :)

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