Top 10 tips to have the best creative for your socials

Mediocrity has never been the defining factor of any successful visual ad campaign. This becomes particularly true in terms of digital; You must have all the essentials covered, to get good results. On social media and Google, we are bombarded with an ocean of sub-par ads, each one begging for our Netflix-induced short attention span, and each one failing to capture it.

Gone are the days that this Clairol hair colouring ad from 1957 contributed to the jump from 1 in 15, to 1 in 2 people using artificial hair colour. Imagine that same ad on Facebook now - it might get a few clicks? The moral of the story is to have your bases covered when it comes to your promotional digital assets. We thought you might ask, so we decided to detail the exact basics of what to do in this 10 step guide. You’re welcome.

1. Brand Pride

Hero your guidelines, use your fonts and colours, it’s what makes you different from the rest. Don’t underestimate the value of consistent brand image across all your channels. By reinforcing your aesthetic, users can quickly recognise your brand within a few seconds - and those few seconds are all you have before they scroll past.

2. Keep Your End User At The Forefront

This is the key to effective design otherwise, it’s a pretty design, but it’s not relatable. Two simple questions to ask yourself; what is the demographic of my audience? and what are their main goals? Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience, and understand what they want. For example, a 70 year old man with a goal of rehabilitation, vs a 20 year old working towards her fitness goals would have extremely different imagery and tone of voice.

3. Where Are You About To Publish This?

Design for your platform. What is more engaging - A social post scheduled to IG stories or a designed piece created for the story platform? When it comes to design nativity, no one notices it, if it’s done well. Consider aspects such as your call to action, and the dimensions of the assets, and plan accordingly. Design for your desired social media platform

4. Relatable Imagery

It can be inspirational but not ridiculous, put yourself in your users shoes. People love to relate, whether that be from shared experiences, opinions, jokes, or hardships. Positive reinforcement is created when users can relate, and see themselves in the imagery being posted.

Using relatable imagery

5. Heirarchy Of Information

How many pieces of information need to be in your design? Number them in importance - 1st being the largest and so on. Don’t make the design cluttered, and keep in mind what information you can include in the caption of the posts. Heirarchy of information on a creative

6. Call To Action

Pick one and keep it clear. A key factor to keep in mind is that people like being told what to do. It makes things a lot more simple. If you want them to click, learn more, sign up, or register, then tell them that’s what they should do.

7. Readability

Don’t sacrifice readability for looks, if they can’t read it, they’ll move on. Stand out from the other accounts that like to cram entire monologues into that poor 1:1 Instagram square. You can be bold and create contrast with a more minimalist and impactful feed. Readability of a creative

8. Using A Video?

Keep attention with speed and enhance the viewer’s experience with sound. Make sure your Call To Action is in the first 3 sec. otherwise they’ve scrolled past.

9. Boosting?

Keep text to a minimum, otherwise Facebook says no. You can use Facebook’s own Image Text Checker to see if it’ll be okay before you post. Facebook's Image Checker example

10. Avoid Copyright Issues

Make sure you have the rights to post certain content. If you didn’t take the photo itself, or create the image, then make sure you have the consent to post from the original owner.

Brands that follow these tips instantly stand out from the crowd. Start with perhaps a few of these recommendations, and introduce them to your own feed. Or perhaps this may all be bad advice, as this photo of an egg received over 50 million likes on Instagram.

What do we know? 😉

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