Top 5 Australian Instagram accounts for content inspiration

Andy Rankin on April 11, 2021

Top 5 Australian Instagram accounts for content inspiration

When it comes to content creation it’s important to avoid having tunnel vision. Yes, recurring content that you know your audience loves and engages with is great, however it’s also important to keep things fresh and try new content to increase engagement, attract new followers and keep your existing followers engaged over time.

Naturally you’re going to follow instagram accounts that align with your interests and the industry that you're in. This can be great for getting ideas of what content your competitors and industry leaders are creating, although it can also lead to tunnel vision. In this article, we’ll share 5 of our favourite Instagram accounts (not biased towards one industry) that we feel are killing it in terms of content creation, to help you think outside of the box and outside of your industry.

Before you take a look, consider starting a Pinterest board or note down all the content ideas that come to mind from looking at the below accounts.

ClassPassAUSNZ ClassPass showcases different ways to display text in an engaging way, as well as clean image ideas that make for a professional looking page. They also post a good mixture of content; fun, memes, educational and motivational etc.

Class Pass Australia Instagram Page

SpotifyANZ The Spotify ANZ account is a great inspiration of image treatment i.e. editing; (black and white, duotone colours, gradients etc) and layering text over content. All of the above makes for great readability, and capturing attention of those scrolling through cluttered feeds.

Spotify Instagram Account

Bumble_australia Bumble Australia provides the perfect inspiration for quote style posts as well as text-heavy content whilst still holding brand integrity. From graph/iconography, big bold text, mix of text over image etc. Bumble does a great job of creating content that their audience can engage with when scrolling a fast paced feed.

Bumble Instagram Page

bmwau BMW Australia is a great account to follow for inspiration on designs that flow over one or more tiles. They also commonly use the perfect starting/preview tile on their carousel posts to ensure it all lines up perfectly when viewing their feed.

BMW Australia Instagram Page

HeyInfluencers Hey Influencers have a super satisfying use of colour, the feed also shows how introducing a structure/rules for your content can influence your page - i.e. alternating between an image post and a text post.

Hey Influencers Instagram Page

Not only does the content from these creators look visually impressive, it’s also engaging and pushing the limits of ideation for social content. Does every post hit at the same level? No, but these accounts are consistently putting out fresh content and learning from every post they put up.

So learn from the experts, pull inspiration from their content, or become a leader yourself and start from scratch!

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