As most of you know, YouTube is a platform where you can watch, stream, create and engage with videos. From DIY How To Guides to funny cat videos, YouTube has content for every demographic. But what you don’t know are some of these incredible stats it has managed to gain in such a short lifespan:

  • 2nd Biggest Search Platform
  • 2nd Most Visited Website In The World
  • Reaches More 18-49 Year Olds Than Broadcast Or Cable TV Network
  • 1.9bn Logged In Monthly Users
  • Average Mobile Viewing Session Lasts More Than 40 Mins

With an increasing amount of consumers spending time at home, this means there are more searches being performed on YouTube. Hence, since the pandemic, the stats above are most likely to INCREASE!

Now, all these statistics only look good on paper. But the question is how do we take advantage of them? Below I will outline 5 key benefits of YouTube marketing and how to take advantage of them:

1. YouTube helps build your authority

Whether you are a gym, yoga instructor, veterinarian or an e-commerce store, YouTube helps create an image of authority for your brand. Creating this image is one of the biggest differentiators you have amongst your competitors. Take the example of F45 Training, a very popular functional fitness gym. It certainly wasn’t the first gym franchise to offer functional fitness training, but by consistently talking about functional fitness, it managed to establish itself as a functional fitness authority.

By regularly posting content relevant to your products and services, you will establish expertise on that topic. This expertise can therefore exude further authority amongst your target audience.

How to: posting lots of tips and how-to videos will help you build that brand authority. By featuring your unique selling points in some of these videos, you can also differentiate between your competitors. The key is regularly posting these videos on a consistent basis. 3-4 times a week is the norm, but you also want to make sure you build a YouTube content calendar and stick to a topic a week.

2. YouTube builds credibility and trust

Just when you have built your authority by regularly posting content and getting in front of your target audience, you also want to make sure that all of the content you are posting:

  • Provides value
  • Reflects the needs of a user
  • Can be personable
  • Speaks to your buyer persona &
  • Demonstrates passion for your brand.
    Trust and credibility are everything when it comes to a purchase from a customer. If they don’t trust your brand, 99% of the consumers will never purchase from you.

*YouTube helps build rapport, engagement & opens a line of communication with your potential prospects. It creates credibility from the content you are posting & builds trust when you are engaging with your target audience. *

How to: Post videos that show your customers enjoying your product or service. VIdeo testimonials are vital in that aspect, where your product or service is ‘proven’ by someone who has already tried and tested it. It is one of the best ways to build trust amongst your target audience.

3. YouTube adds the ‘FUN’ in your brand

As most of the YouTube audience are on the platform just to ‘pass the time’, this gives brands a great opportunity to create fun, engaging and eye-catching content. More than likely, your target audience is looking for memes, music videos, cat and DIY videos. You need to keep these in mind when creating a ‘fun’ image of your brand. Coca Cola does this exceptionally well. This cultural icon has revolutionized video marketing, where in one of their recent campaigns they make the act of sharing the drink, an act of pure love.

Coca-cola brotherly love commercial

This video received over 1.8million views and over 18,000 likes! Now think about how many consumers were influenced in purchasing a Coke from watching this video. Even if you take 1% of the viewership, that still equates to 18,000 consumers buying the drink! The return on investment for Coca-Cola would be monumental with this campaign.

*This platform gives your brand an outlet to create humorous videos going beyond what your actual offering is. Instead of creating content about your products & services, look at creating content that is more focused on what your target audience wants to watch! This helps create an approachable & friendly image of your brand. *

How to: When creating a fun piece of content, it is pivotal to understand who it is you want to make this content for. Know your key demographics; what their interests are, what they want to achieve in life, how they go abouts their day to day. Answering these key questions will help you generate a FUN piece of content that will get high amounts of engagement.

4. YouTube encourages more engagement than other forms of Media

Take TV, Newspaper and Radio for example. When was the last time you ever engaged with a brand on these platforms? Probably never, right. YouTube gives an opportunity for you to engage with your potential prospects on the platform. Whenever a comment is made on your video by a prospect, it opens up a line of communication, where a prospect can post his/her opinions, queries and feedback on your brand. If you are providing valuable and engaging content, this also allows for a viewer to subscribe to your brand channel, which you can further retarget to by building retargeting or remarketing lists.

YouTube marketing Source: Google

*Encouraging engagement is a key success metric to any marketing activity. With YouTube, you can encourage engagement but also build marketing lists from adding subscribers to your channel for future marketing activities! *

How to: Always make sure you have a call to action at the end of your video to encourage engagement. This can range from ‘comment below’, ‘subscribe now’ or ‘visit our website’, depending on your conversion goals. Make sure your videos have an engaging and friendly tone to encourage comments & rise in subscribership.

5. YouTube Ads allows for specific targeting

Last, but not least, YouTube Ads allows you to target hyper-specific audiences. Whether that audience is located in a particular postcode or is in-market for your product, you can implement these targeting options through YouTube Ads. If you don’t have a large subscriber base for your channel, you can also target your competitors’ channels and make sure your video content is being shown as an ad for the competitor viewers. This is a highly effective way to make sure you are being shown to the relevant audience as well as increasing your market share at the same time!

By being hyper specific on your Youtube ads, you can make sure your marketing spend is not wasted & you get a high return on your investment.

How to: For creating and developing a highly effective YouTube Ads strategy, make sure you partner with a reliable agency. There is a lot of room for error if you are doing it by yourself, so make sure when you are looking for the right agency you also ask them for YouTube Ads strategy examples.

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