Email Marketing is a super powerful tool that can be used to convert your prospects into customers by building trust, educating them, and providing value. In this article, we’re going to be sharing some tips that will help up your email marketing game.

1. Welcome new prospects and subscribers

On average, a welcome email generates 320% more revenue than a regular email. This is an important one, so take your time, be real and don’t forget to thank them for signing up and letting you into their inbox.

2. Automation is a gift

The above is a perfect example of an email that can be set up as an automation, review the current communications you’re sending out to your database on a regular basis and take advantage of the gift that is email automation.

3. Hey <i don’t care enough to use your name in my emails>

Personalise your emails by adding the recipient’s name, most email providers allow you to add this to the body of your email and in some cases the subject line as well. Always add the extra 10% of effort, your subscribers will appreciate it.

4. Tell the people what you want them to do

Reply to this email, claim this offer, sign up today, watch our video, follow us on TikTok so you can see us looking older than ever, trying to get in on trends we found after spending 4 hours on our for you feed in one day. Whatever it is, be clear, people need to be told what to do.

5. Is it mobile friendly? Send tests!

These days nearly half of the emails sent are being viewed on mobile, send yourself a test email or 5 and review and adjust until you’re happy with it. Attention spans are short, don’t make it hard for your subscribers to read your emails, they took the time to open your email, so make sure you take the time putting them together.

*Hopefully the above helps you up your email marketing game and also assists you in getting the most out of the database you’ve put all that time and effort into building! If you want to know more about building a database or setting up email marketing strategies and automations, please reach out! *

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