What Are Local Campaigns On Google

Naman Choudhary on September 27, 2020

What are local campaigns and why should businesses use this strategy?

One of Google’s latest offerings, Local Campaigns, is an entirely different marketing beast. Using machine learning, local campaign ads are displayed across the largest of Google properties - Google Maps, Google Search Network, YouTube & Google Display Network. With more than 1 billion users across each of these properties, it’s a channel that can reach up to 90% of users in Australia.

Its main objective is to increase your store visits by displaying your business’s ads to anyone who is looking for your service/product in your locality. But how does it differ from any other form of local area marketing?

To put it simply, local campaign ads magnify your business across Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube and Display. All at once! It’s a campaign on steroids, where your brand presence is highlighted extensively in your local area.

Local Campaigns Google Maps

By displaying your ads across Google’s biggest properties, you will not only increase your brand awareness, but it will additionally provide you with a competitive advantage. Bringing together smart machine learning and a range of signals, your ads will be displayed to local consumers with the highest intent to join a gym.

This makes Local campaigns the prime choice of campaign for these types of store objectives:

  • New store opening
  • In-store sales event
  • Exclusive in-store product launches
  • Store promotions
  • Promote unique selling propositions
  • New menu items for restaurants
  • Drive in-store/online sales

So how can Google attribute a store visit? When a logged-in user clicks on our Local Campaigns Google ad or even just sees it, and then makes a store visit within 30 days, that visit is reported as a conversion.

But here’s the catch.

To use the local campaigns strategy, an Agency/business should meet a certain criteria of Google My Business locations managed under an account. It’s the prime strategy for a Franchise Marketing Agency ;)

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