What Is Facebook Advertising And What Are The Benefits

Nina Zhang on June 08, 2020

It is more than likely that you’ve seen ads pop up on your social media channels, but have you ever wondered how they work, or how effective they are? Here at LT Network, we manage social media advertising campaigns for our clients on the daily, and in this blog we’ll take you through the basics.

A great place to start is Facebook boost posts. These are done through Facebook Ads Manager, where we add paid advertising spend to a Facebook post. Through the Ads Manager platform, we are able to boost it across Facebook and Instagram. The benefits of adding spend behind a post is to increase reach, impressions and engagement. In layman’s terms, it’s boosting your content so more people get their eyes on it, and comment, like or click through to your website to enquire.

Progressing from adding advertising money to a singular organic post, we also set up and manage social media advertising campaigns through Facebook Ads Manager for our clients. We have creative flexibility with how we set up our ads, in terms of choosing which placement they go to (Instagram stories, Facebook feed, Instagram feed and so on) as well as targeting options. There are also many different types of ads. One example is carousel ads. These ads consist of a series of images, which users can scroll through. They may be for instance a series of organic images of our client’s gym, their staff and team. These ads can give users more of an opportunity to scroll through content, and engage.

Another type of ad we may choose to set up for clients are click to web ads. These ads direct users straight to a landing page (website), where they can learn more about our clients’ business and what they offer. These ads are great in building brand awareness and encouraging prospects to enquire.

A popular type of social media ad we also deploy are lead generation ads. Users can click on these ads and a form appears, where there is a short message and option to fill in their details. This is a great way we help clients generate new prospects for their businesses, whether that be for a new gym reopening sale or a jewellery sale.

A recent case study would be of a new client promoting their reopening sale for their upcoming gym opening. They received very positive user feedback, with over 35 comments and 30 likes within a few days of launching. Their ad received a low cost per lead, and many prospects were leaving comments asking why a competitor gym hadn’t released anything yet, and that they were losing them by not promoting anything or getting back to them at this time.

Another example would be of a client group based in New Zealand, who are averaging 30 new sales per club with a cost of under $15 per lead in their reopening social media campaign.

Whichever method chosen, Facebook advertising can be particularly powerful and beneficial in getting your brand’s message out there, building positive brand awareness, increasing social engagement, generating new leads and ultimately, driving more sales for your business.

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