Campaign leads can be worth their weight in gold.

Of course, leads in and of themselves are valuable. But their value multiplies when they serve as an early indicator of a potentially lucrative customer segment. Or better yet, they serve as a direct conduit to many more leads.

An example of the former could be an unusually high proportion of gym membership enquiries coming from students. Instantly the campaign could be re-focussed on students.

An example of the latter could be a membership enquiry from a company CEO, whose enquiry could be the catalyst for a company employee offer.

The point is successful sales funnels take note of the type of people enquiring, especially in the early days of a campaign.

Qualifying campaign leads

So how do you get valuable information on your leads?  It need not be complicated. The first way is to ask for it, within reason, on any enquiry or sign-up forms.

Depending on the product or industry, most people won’t baulk at offering up information like suburb of residence, broad age group or industry they work in.

But in practice, the most useful information can be collected with a simple web search. You shouldn’t need to go beyond searching on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn to get all the useful information you need.  Plug the name and/or email address of your lead in, and you’ll get a stack of insights.

Franchise leads are unique image
Not all leads are created equal; campaign metrics need to go beyond simple lead volumes.

Staying agile to refocus the campaign

Both campaign managers and franchise managers need to ensure this lead qualification is not only interesting but actionable as well.

You do this by staying agile and pivoting the campaign as required. There’s no point if you are just going to launch your campaign and then count the leads at the end.

Typically, these mid-campaign changes fall into three categories:

  • Media strategy
  • Proposition (or offer)
  • Execution tweaks (eg. copy changes)

For example, a mortgage broker’s digital campaign promoting zero account setup fees might produce a stack of leads amongst young couples looking to buy their first home. You can then act on this insight to improve the campaign:

  • Media strategy: upweight Google Adwords targeting the younger suburbs.
  • Offer: add a free gift voucher for successful first home buyers applicants.
  • Execution: change headline copy in your ads to specifically mention first home buyers, and make sure all imagery is relatable to them.

This is a simplistic example, but you get the point. By quickly working out where your campaign is striking a chord you can double down on its effectiveness by optimising in mid-flight.

What to watch for

You’d be surprised at what shows up in the average web search using just a name or email address.  It’s potentially powerful information that can be used to supercharge a campaign’s effectiveness.

Whether it’s knowing your campaign leads are predominantly desk-bound dads from a nearby business estate, or impressionable young adults with a penchant for pouty selfies in their Instagram profile pics.

Any and all of these insights can be used to adjust and optimise a campaign.

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