Why Maintaining Your Google My Business Page Is Important During Coronavirus

Sage Houston on March 30, 2020

While a Google My Business (GMB) page is vital to have as a business, it is equally important to make sure this page is kept up to date during the COVID-19 pandemic. As your GMB page is the first item to be shown when a user is searching for your business, it is paramount that all details are up to date, including your open status due to COVID-19. This will prevent any loss of prospects and customers over a small error, while also keeping the public informed of your actions / response to COVID-19. This article will outline the steps to take to adapt your GMB page to the current COVID-19 period.

Why It Is Essential During COVID-19 To Have An Accurate Page

Consumer behavior has shifted dramatically in response to the virus, with people now more than ever searching if a business is closed. This makes it essential to have your hours updated; if a prospect is searching for your business on Google, and comes across incorrect / outdated open hours, this can lead to fairly negative customer experience. To mitigate that, we took the time to add a ‘temporarily closed’ banner to all AU, NZ and UK fitness centre clients.

Snap Fitness Temporarily closed

Corporate social responsibility further plays a large role in your COVID-19 response. It is essential to detail to the public your response to the issue, while highlighting the steps you have taken. This includes the lead up period before the pandemic, such as promoting your health & hygiene policies. A fundamental perspective to remember when considering what steps to take, is to keep a community first approach at your core. Position yourself as a point of authority in your community, and continue to help and uplift those around you. This can be achieved through maintaining a social media presence, promoting at home workouts on GMB and much more. Having this community focused approach can help in increasing your brand perception and awareness among prospects. When you are a significant point of support during this time, you can reap the rewards of customer loyalty, positive brand image, and organic lead growth once the pandemic is over.

Offers & Posts

Offers, posts, and products are a great way to reach your audience, with the images instantly drawing the eye. They can effectively promote offers and sales, linking to a landing page, or to a phone number to call. Filling out your products section will further create an eye-catching experience for the user, while providing more unique aspects of your business. While good for promoting offers and sales, these features can also be used to inform the public on if you’re closed / when you will open. This is critical in ensuring you can flourish once the pandemic is over, but will only work if you give constant updates on your situation, and when you will reopen.

GMB Temporarily Closed Post

Importance of enabling messaging

Messaging on GMB is an important feature to have turned on. It allows users searching for you on a mobile device to text you directly, asking for particular information. Having this immediate response can generate more leads and interest, while informing customers of information in a way that feels more intimate and trustworthy. This connection and appeal to messaging, has seen large scale success on other platforms such as Facebook Messenger. Messaging on GMB can further be a channel for your customers to get back in touch with you, when you are back open.

What to remember

The key point to take away from this and use yourself, are as follows:

  • Keep all basic information up to date, while keeping the public informed on your COVID-19 response
  • Update open hours if affected by COVID-19
  • Ensure you have posted to your GMB page, relating to COVID-19
  • Turn on GMB messaging
  • Ensure your products are fleshed out

Taking these steps will save you time, save your customers time, and also create a stronger brand presence, enabling you to come out the other end of the pandemic stronger than ever.

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