Target your catchment and the competition

We pride ourselves on making world-class digital advertising technology available to ‘the little guy’. Usually, powerful techniques such as geo-fencing (precise geographic targeting to mobile devices) and in-app advertising are only available to corporates with deep pockets.

But because LT Network is a specialist franchise marketing agency, we get scale through the sheer number of locations we service. This enables us to extend our capabilities to individual franchise locations as they come on.

From real estate to automotive and fitness

Our location-based advertising expertise have been honed in a range of diverse industries. Whether it’s real estate agents hustling up local listings, gym franchises growing their member list, or car dealers registering test drives. We’ve got runs on the board and have risen to every challenge thrown at us.

Campaigns scaled to your requirements

We work with franchise businesses great and small. From unstaffed 24-hour gyms, to multi-brand car dealerships selling several cars a day. So before you start wondering if we can help a business like yours, just reach out and have a chat.

A quick discussion on your requirements, timings and budget and we’ll be able to advise if we can help. When it comes to business challenges in the franchise space, there isn’t much we haven’t come across before.

Ryan Burgers

Snap Fitness - Burwood, VIC

LT Network have been amazing in assisting me throughout the multiple campaign stages of my new Snap Fitness club.

During the latest 3-day campaign we gained 110 leads at an average cost of under $9 each with at least 50% of those converted to new contracted members.

I thoroughly enjoy working with the team, and together we are constantly coming up with fresh ideas on how to approach the next stage of digital marketing.

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