The perfect start

The lead up to opening day is fraught with excitement and trepidation for good reason; it’s critical. Having paid for franchise rights, build and fitout, it’s imperative you establish healthy cash flow, fast. Happily, we have years of experience helping new franchisees do just that.

LT Network’s opening campaigns are all about building pre-launch anticipation, business momentum post-launch, and ground-swell word of mouth and social chatter throughout. It’s a proven formula and applies to industries as diverse as fitness and automotive dealerships.

Get ahead of competitors

As you’d expect from a specialist franchise marketing agency, LT Network uses the most advanced location based mobile advertising available, called ‘geofencing’.

It’s scalable, hyper-targeted and yielding fantastic results for franchise owners just like you. It enables precise targeting of your opening events, offers and buzz to your local catchment.

In-app advertisements can be delivered to mobile users within a few metres of nominated coordinates. It can even be used to target related businesses. In short, it guarantees your new franchise is put in front of all the right eyeballs.

From owner-operators to large co-ops

We work with franchise locations that turn over a few hundred thousand dollars, and some that do well over $10 million. So no matter what your budget is, we won’t be surprised. We can scale to suit your needs, but every client benefits from the same specialist expertise.

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