Existing franchise sales is a different beast

Buyers of existing franchises are very different to those seeking out a new location. Commercially astute, willing to wait, and often capable of turning around a struggling location. Many are serial purchasers of existing locations with strong track records of commercial success.

Finding them and selling them on an opportunity takes a vastly different approach. Something we’ve mastered over the years at LT Network.

The LT Network approach

When looking for a buyer we start in our own backyard. Being a specialist franchise marketing agency we have an extensive network of successful franchisees as clients. Often they’ll be looking to expand their portfolio or have a contact that is.

Plan B is a hyper-targeted digital campaign geared to generate qualified leads. Depending on the opportunity, we’ll delve into the psychographics and demographics of the likely buyer. Then we’ll devise a strategy to target them through Google search, social display and in-app placements to command their attention and drive an enquiry.

Flexible engagement models

When it comes to working with LT Network, we offer a range of options. As with new franchise sales, you can pay by campaign, by lead, or pay for a sale only. We only do it that way because we believe in what we do and back ourselves to get the right result, every time.

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