Finding the right franchisees

Franchise success hinges on the calibre of the franchisees you attract. Yes, they need the financial means to buy in. But they also need a genuine interest in the industry, the right experience and attitude.

With a strategic approach that prioritises franchise leads from high quality prospects, LT Network can set you up for success. With a foundation of well-managed locations, you can concentrate on further expansion without being held back babysitting existing franchisees.

Local matters

Hyper-local digital campaigns is what we do. As a franchise specialist, we are masters at delivering targeted campaigns to designated streets, shopping centres and competitors. And these expertise apply just as well to franchise sales as they do to attracting new customers to franchise locations.

With our patented tools and precise geo-targeting we can find people actively looking for franchise opportunities in your available catchments. Or put opportunities in front of people with a passion for your industry.

Flexible engagement models

Nothing frustrates franchisors more than committing to a marketing campaign, trade show or franchise sales agent and then not getting a return. So we offer options to remove the commercial risk from your franchise sales completely.

You can engage LT Network on a campaign basis (as you would any marketing agency), or you can pay per lead or even per franchise sale. What’s best for you will depend on your brand, your industry and learnings from past campaigns. As franchise sales experts we’ll work with you to come up with the best approach.

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