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We are social media specialists that offer services from creating ads on all social platforms to managing your social channels. With an ever-growing increase in social media channels, it is pivotal for you to have an effective presence across all channels.

A strong social media presence is now more important than ever given the current lockdown restrictions that are in place. There are a number of reasons for this.

  • More people are spending time online.
  • Consumers are seeking brands that provide relevant and valuable content.
  • Build a positive brand image while maintaining contact with your members and target audience.
  • Show off your brand, the people, the service offerings, and the culture. It is important that this is front of mind for consumers.

To assist your business in generating awareness and maintaining your brand presence, we are offering Organic Social Media Packages.

Our services cover the entire process from reviewing your competitor activity, building a strategy, planning, assistance with creative assets, deployment of posts, support with community management and set-up and roll out of new social media accounts that are suitable for your business.

Strategy Purpose
Facebook Facebook advertising allows you place your advertising within the Facebook Feed, Messenger, Right Hand column as well as throughout their network. This advertising is pushed out with the assumption of your prospects characteristics which are converted to interest targeting.
Instagram Similar to Facebook Advertising, this allows you to enter the Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories without having an individual follow you. With this form of advertising, you are advertising to them based on what they have previously liked and interacted with.
Remarketing This advertising strategy allows you to push marketing to anyone who has previously engaged with your advertising or website. These consumers are generally much more engaged with your service and will be interacting with your advertising or content for the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th time.

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Ryan Burgers

Snap Fitness - Burwood, VIC

LT Network have been amazing in assisting me throughout the multiple campaign stages of my new Snap Fitness club.

During the latest 3-day campaign we gained 110 leads at an average cost of under $9 each with at least 50% of those converted to new contracted members.

I thoroughly enjoy working with the team, and together we are constantly coming up with fresh ideas on how to approach the next stage of digital marketing.

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