YouTube Advertising

YouTube helps build rapport, engagement & opens a line of communication with your potential prospects. It creates credibility from the content you are posting and helps to build trust when you are engaging with your target audience.

With the recent social distancing measures in place, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of consumers consuming video content across various media service providers including Netflix, Stan and most importantly YouTube. As these consumers flocking to these channels, it is essential now, more than ever, regardless of whether your service is open or not to build your brand presence and go where your (future) consumers are.

Since early March, YouTube has seen an increase of +15.3% traffic with the majority of this new traffic taking place on Desktop

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BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorrad

Over 1,000,000 views delivered across the videos Successfully targeted consumers in each stage of their buyer journey Increased brand recognition & recall amongst motorcycle audience

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